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How to Download Baji App Apk-files, Install them and Update on Android Devices?

Baji is our gaming platform that actively provides the opportunity for all users to bet and play casino games wherever they are, especially if you install our mobile app on your Android device. Our application allows you to have access to gambling entertainment literally in one click, it takes up almost no space in the memory of your mobile device, and Baji app download apk is an extremely easy and fast process, which you can learn more about below.

Process of Download Baji Apk Files on Android

If you are ready and willing to start using our Baji mobile app, below we provide you with a one-stop instruction to download and install our app apk file in just a few clicks:

Before downloading and installing our app on your Android mobile device open system settings and allow downloading and installing third-party files from the internet;

  1. Open our official Baji page in any web browser of your choice and find the button to download the apk file of our app on Android;
  2. Start downloading the file;
  3. Once the file download is complete, click on the file and start the installation process;
  4. Wait until the app apk file installation is complete;
  5. Open the installed Baji app and proceed to the registration process.
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How to Install the Baji Apk Files?

In order for the process of downloading and installing our Baji mobile app to be successful so that you can bet and play casino games in it, it is important to download the apk file of the app correctly. The first and foremost and most important criterion is to allow downloading third-party files from the internet in the system settings of your Android mobile device.

Baji App for Android Devices

To date, download and install our mobile application Baji can only users whose devices support the Android operating system. The application is not fastidious and does not have serious system requirements, also almost does not take up space in the memory of the device, so it can be installed by almost any user. To be sure that our application is suitable for your device, please read the main system specifications and supported devices below:

Minimum System Requirements for Android

Our Baji mobile app is perfectly compatible with almost any Android device, the table summarizes the basic requirements for your mobile device:

Android version5.0 or higher
RAM512 Mb
Storage space60 Mb
Operating capacitiesWith the frequency of not less than 1.0 GHz

Compatible Android Devices with Baji App

If your mobile device model is listed below our Baji mobile app will work flawlessly on it:

  • Sony Xperia;
  • ZTE Blade;
  • Huawei Honor;
  • Lenovo Sisley;
  • Google Pixel;
  • Samsung Galaxy;
  • Nokia 808;
  • Asus Zenfone;
  • Honor 9A;
  • OnePlus Nord.

Comparison of Website and Baji App Usage

Our Baji mobile app works flawlessly on any Android mobile device, but our mobile website also works seamlessly with any smartphone. So no matter which version of our platform you use, you can bet and play casino games anytime and anywhere with the best possible conditions thanks to full optimization for Android devices.

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Pros and Cons of Using the Baji app

If you are in doubt about whether you should start using our Baji mobile app on your Android device, then we suggest you familiarize yourself with the main pros and cons of using the app in the table below:

Pros Cons 
Does not take up space in the device memory Updates need to be installed 
Perfectly adapted for Android devices 
Possibility to connect push notifications 
One-click access to sports betting and casino games 
Works even with weak internet connection 
Faster payouts 

Guide to Update Baji App to Latest Version 2024

Our Baji mobile app needs to be regularly updated to newer versions to keep your gameplay flawless. You can check our official page for updates and download the update from there, but the easiest thing to do is to allow it to auto-update. Below is a brief instruction on how to do that:

  1. Open the apps section in the settings of your Android device;
  2. Locate the Baji app and select it;
  3. Allow the app to update automatically so that you don’t have to search for the latest Baji apk download every time.

This way, you can easily update the Baji app on your mobile device and continue your gambling journey. 

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